Small packages can equal big profits- here’s the proof..

Sometimes, we can’t help but┬áchuckle about the amount of bids, and the surprisingly high price that an item has sold for.

From these sales, we learn a lot!  Here are some items to keep on the lookout for if you too sell online!

We present to you..


#1. Vintage Advertising Letter Opener, sold for approx. $40

#2. Kingspoint Designs 3 Monkeys See Hear Speak No Evil Trinket Box, sold for approx. $40

#3. Rare Vintage 1969 Lucky Charms Cereal Premium Underdog Eraser, sold for approx. $20

#4. Gingher Designer Series Sonia Dressmaker’s Red Floral Pattern Scissors, sold for approx. $60

#5. Pugnacious Banana Pug Collectible Resin Figurine, sold for approx. $150


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