The Top 3 Reasons People Buy Collectible Goods

Have you ever rediscovered a collection?

Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon a box of treasures just waiting to be uncovered.  You open up the treasure chest (or shoebox) to find items you had completely forgotten about.

You saved your favorite concert tickets, souvenirs from places you’ve traveled, maybe you still have that 2nd grade art project to remind you just how far you’ve come.  Or, maybe you’ve held onto a play pamphlet and now recall that proud moment you were shaken with stage-fright but you got on stage anyway.
All of these items are simply souvenirs from past experiences, which can overwhelm you with a strong sense of nostalgia….

Maybe you didn’t even know why you held onto such things, but now you’re glad you did.  We’re transported to another time by even the smallest of souvenirs.  You walk away feeling as if you had just traveled back in time.  The scent of that popcorn you shared with your dad at that baseball game still lingers as you close the box for another ten years..
As most collectors can tell you, the items we tend to keep are the ones we have some type of emotional connection to- something passed down to us that holds sentimental value and reminds us of the person who it originally belonged to, something we’ve kept to remind us of our past, or something that is just darn interesting or rare!
Souvenirs have and always will be on the market, as it is within our nature to have something physical to remind us of a time that was important in our lives.  In a way, all collectibles are souvenirs- from another time, another place in history.  
There are many reasons we buy collectible goods but here are what we believe to be the Top 3 reasons:


1.  You get to Own a Piece of History

It’s a connection to our past, whether that means it is a reminder of our personal experiences, or represents a historical time.


2.  Collectibles Are Great Conversation Starters

Anything rare is something that most people are thrilled to talk about.  I think we can agree that in all of us, there is a pride in us of having something that others only wish to have.  It’s pretty much the ultimate socially acceptable show-and-tell for adults.


3.  You can help to support a cause


Collectible items are often sold off to help raise money for a charity.  By buying something that has increased value throughout the years, your donation (or purchase) of the item does some great things for the world!  And depending on where the money goes, it might count as a tax write-off.

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Vintage “Selfies” from the 1800s

The term SELFIE was declared as “Word of the Year” in 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries, but the concept was born centuries before smartphones and the invention of Instagram!

Here are some of the best vintage “selfies” we found.

We present the true pioneers of the selfie..the original hipsters!

(Click to enlarge)

We’ve made an awesome Pinterest Board full of old fashioned photos.  take a look to find more fascinating pieces of history!

The resurgence of photography thanks to.. Smartphones?


How are you celebrating? Chances are, you’ve already captured several, if not hundreds of images this month alone!


 With Smartphones at our fingertips, and photo apps like Instagram, it’s easier than ever to share our personal perspectives with the world.  It’s quite amazing if you think about it.  In a matter of seconds, we can share what we’re doing, who we’re with, and even cause our “followers” to drool over the food we post pictures of.  With clever hash tags, of course.  Not to mention “selfies”.  Which, believe it or not, have been around since the camera was invented.  View the collection of vintage selfies!
We upload our lives in less time it takes to set up a real film camera.  For better or for worse, this Smartphone revolution is transforming, or at least widening our definition of “photography”.  Are we all photographers now, with this technology?  There are Instagram professionals out there- (yes you read that right!), who’ve actually printed out their phone-made photos and sold them in galleries, for a pretty penny!

While most people can take a decent picture now-a-days, that doesn’t necessarily mean the art form of real photography is dead and gone.  In fact, there seems to be a rise in the appreciation of this highly-respected art form.  It makes sense we’d hold onto the original form, as modern day “photography” is so common, it feels like less of an art, and more of a feature on a phone, because it is.

A national survey commissioned during National Photography Month revealed the following interesting facts:

  • Our nation now takes more photographs than ever through mobile phones and affordable digital cameras but 64% of people do not print out and keep hard copies of their photographs.
  • The survey revealed that 77% of people now don’t make albums because they think it would be too time consuming, complicated or are ashamed of the quality of their pictures.
  • The survey also demonstrated that 37% of people have lost important images that are special to us and this figure is much worse for younger photographers, where almost 70% of the age group 16 – 24 have lost treasured pictures due to their reliance on modern digital technology.


Photography is one of our most powerful connections to our shared memories, emotions and self-expression.

Take a look at a few of our most recent vintage photo finds..


Vintage French Black & White Photo In Wood Frame Auterive Rue De La Promenade Vintage Early 1900's 8 Man Football Team Posing With Coach In Leather Helmets Vintage Black & White 8.5 X 11 Photograph Military Barracks Base Vintage Woman And Child Collectible Post Card Vintage Tin Type Photographs Vintage Real Photo Postcard French Postman Vintage Tin Type Photographs Girls

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Swedemom’s Top Sales of the Spring in 2014

Each season, we like to review our most recent valuable items, to be on the lookout for them again!

This is the third annual SPRING guide- a visual summary of our most recent sales on eBay.


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