Not Your Grandma’s Wall Decor

Got plates?

You know, those pretty ones you’ve had in “safe keeping” for all these years, behind those glass cabinet doors, or in that dusty attic?
Well, Break them out ..or let them out gently, rather…afterall, why else would you own them?  If not to be reminded of a specific time, place, person, or ideal, what good is any decor at all?  Wall decor is like really just like putting your values on display.  What do you want to say?  How do you want your style to reflect your personality?

It takes up less space in the home AND shows your creative side!  Not only is it inexpensive to do this, but it takes up less space in a box, and can be done in no time flat!

Inspiration for your viewing pleasure:


Don’t let those pretty plates fall victim to your attic’s dust!  Bonus points for displaying those plates you got handed down to you, and making Grandma proud to have kept them in such pristine condition!
Tip:  If you’ve been searching for ways to display yours, just go drool over the many different styles and ideas of wall decor plates on Pinterest —  More Wall Decor “Pins”-peration here


Show off your home’s personality by displaying a cluster of different sizes, shapes and colors or run with a theme!  Take a look at these creatively and playfully-positioned plates (thank you, Pinterest!).

That charming plate collection will thank you, as will all who draw near to your captivating display.