SwedeMom’s Venture Into The Non-Profit World

As many of you know, the business of SwedeMom has always surrounded the idea of helping others.  And if a business is a reflection of its owner, SwedeMom is no exception, as Cami Nyquist’s helping heart was the driver of this operation from its earliest days.

The Evolution of an E-Commerce Biz

The expansion of SwedeMom from a home operation to a large warehouse occurred more quickly than ever anticipated.  It was an exciting time, to say the least.  Though, even with highly lucrative beginnings, the economic turn-down that hit several businesses hard in 2008 forced SwedeMom to make some tough decisions, including significant cut-backs and a painful slowing of the process that had before, begun to take off quite successfully.

While this could have been the end of an era for SwedeMom, Cami’s perseverance and passion kept this business alive for over a decade, and throughout the ups and downs (that inevitably come with any e-commerce business), the dream for SwedeMom- using this business to help others on a large scale, has never wavered.


A Dream Being Realized

This is an exciting year for SwedeMom as 2014 has proven to us that dreams can take shape with persistence and the passion, two that have only grown stronger since the beginning of the journey.

Using the resources we have, and through a series of serendipitous encounters with the right people at the right time, Cami has found herself within the company of a few wonderful organizations that we’ve begun to partner with, having the same goal to help others in real ways.

For instance, one of the organizations is Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO) in Chicago.  Cornerstone Community Outreach has a long standing commitment to providing shelter and finding homes for families and individuals who are in need.

Here are just a few statistics about CCO (Found at  http://www.ccolife.org/)


So far, we’ve been able to partner up with them by using our highly-ranked ‘Top-Seller’ status on eBay to sell the donations dropped off at their own drop-off center in Chicago.  By doing this, we’re earning them money for providing meals and other wonderful services CCO offers.

Using the reputable name of SwedeMom to serve a greater good is something we’re very excited about doing more of in 2015!